Europe's greatest forgotten filmmaker


23 year old naïve Irish girl Breda O’Reilly is excited to announce her own engagement to older jazz trumpet player Kirk Stevenson (especially as she’s pregnant with his child).  However, her Catholic family is not so pleased.  The couple are poor, Kirk’s profession is hardly considered respectable and they are “living in sin”.

When Kirk’s drinking and gambling gets him in financial dire straits, he decides to go on the wagon and straighten himself out.  Unfortunately a local moneylender, George Cutter, calls in Kirk’s debts and Kirk and Breda are forced to flee, heading for Kirk’s brother Bill’s flat in a run-down seaside resort, where they plan to secretly wed.  While Kirk struggles to remain on the wagon, Bill, at Breda’s insistence, contacts both families and invites them over for a secret wedding at a local registrar’s office.

With Cutter’s men in pursuit and Kirk stuggling to stay out of trouble and on the wagon, it won’t be long before the couple’s troubled past catches up with them.